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Risk : The main risks include equipment breakage or loss during transport, risks related to the regions in which your goods are shipped (theft, accident, etc.), as well as all uncontrollable forces (storms, wars, strikes, etc.). To avoid unpleasant surprises, consulting the authorities involved (like your transport broker) is recommended to ensure you have the necessary coverage to compensate for these risks.

Insurance : In most cases, you (the customer) will be responsible for insuring your goods. Therefore, you have to validate your responsibilities and your limits (with relation to Incoterms) and make sure that your insurance policy protects your cargo’s value for every location your goods will travel to. Take note that, in the case of a road carrier, you must decide to declare or not declare the value of your goods. This decision will have an impact not only on your claim (if needed) but also the fare that your carrier will ask you to pay. You can refer to your transport broker to get an accurate picture of your situation. Please note that, except for a few instances, your broker cannot be held accountable for damages, losses and breakage related to your goods during transport.

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